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Voter Information in Hernando County

Complete the form to see:
  • Where to vote on election day
  • Sample ballots
  • Upcoming elections

You'll also be able to:

  • Request a Vote by Mail ballot
  • Review/update your voter registration information
  • Check the status of your Vote by Mail ballot
  • Review your voting activity for the past 12 months

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Tracking

Voters have the ability to track their Vote-by-Mail ballot online by filling out the form above.

Listed below are the different steps of the ballot status to help you better understand each meaning. 


1. Requested - We have your request on file, but have not yet acted on it. 

2. Sent - Your ballot has been mailed to the address listed on file. 

3. Received - This will display two possible messages: 

              (Blue Arrow) - If the received arrow is blue, your ballot has been processed and no errors have been found with your ballot. 

              (Red Arrow) - If the arrow is red, there is an error that has been reported with your ballot, and any actions you need to take will be listed on the website. You have until two days after the Election at 5 p.m. to cure your ballot.

4. Counted - the day after the election, all ballots that were accepted without error, and those errors the Canvassing Board was able to rectify and accept will be marked as counted. 


For more information on this process, please contact 352-754-4125. 

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