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School Elections & Education Programs

Kids Vote

Administering school elections for student council gives the Supervisor of Elections another opportunity to educate Hernando County students about the importance of voting.  In partnership with Kids Voting Tampa Bay (KVTB), the Supervisor of Elections' Office offers an on-line voting program for your school called DoubleClick Democracy.

See How It Works

Upon request for a school election, a customized ballot prepared to your specifications will be created for you along with a file of randomly generated voter identification numbers for your students.  Your school election can be held on any internet-connected computer within your school.  After the election is over, you can easily view the election results on-line.

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The overall goal of the education program is to introduce and familiarize the students of all grade levels with voter registration and voting procedures, as well as encourage students to exercise their right to vote once they become eligible.

Ms. Anderson or a member of her staff is available for presenting an education program at your school or individual classroom.  Presentations will be tailored to the grade level.  Voter registration is offered to students 16 years of age and older.  The discussion and presentation will include topics such as:

  • the right to vote and the importance of exercising your right
  • how every vote counts and the impact / importance just one vote can have
  • how and when to register to vote
  • a mock election

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