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Signature Update

Signatures may change over time. 

It is very important that your signature on file is updated in our database.


If you as a voter:

  • Have been registered to vote for many years and your signature style has changed;
  • Have been married or divorced
  • Are unable to write (see below*)

You should update your signature by submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application Form. 


Florida Voter Registration Application


Signatures in your registration record are used to verify signatures on petitions, vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots. 

If your signatures do not match, your petition or ballot will not count.

For more information please call the Supervisor of Elections office at 352-754-4125.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you are a caregiver to someone whose signature needs to be updated for any reason, Power of Attorney cannot be accepted in place of the voter's signature or marking.


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