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Voting Systems



Marking Your Ballot

How to Mark Your Paper Ballot

To mark your ballot correctly, fill in the oval next to your choice with a blue or black pen. You must completely fill in the oval. Any other mark may not be read by ImageCast Evolution Tabulator. FS 101.5611

What If I Make A Mistake on My Paper Ballot

Prior to the casting of his or her ballot each voter is allowed up to two (2) replacement ballots for a total of three (3) ballots Vote by Mail voting If you are voting by mail and you make a mistake on your ballot, do not use white out.

Call the Elections office at (352) 754-4125 for a replacement ballot or alternate instructions

Early Voting

If you are voting during early voting and you make a mistake on your ballot simply ask the Precinct Clerk for a replacement ballot.

Polling Place Voting

If you are voting at your polling place and you make a mistake on your ballot simply ask the Precinct Clerk  for a replacement ballot

 F.S. 101.5608(2)(b) 

Hernando County's Voting System

ImageCast Evolution System (ICE)

ImageCast Evolution or ICE units are a state certified optical scan voting system manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems. This system streamlines the voting process, while providing a simple, fast and secure method of conducting an election.

ICE units are the only all-in-one optical scan tabulator and ballot marking devices which offer the ability for simultaneous standard and accessible voting sessions.The ICE tabulator provides the voter an easy, user friendly method of casting his or her ballot. At the polls, the voter receives a paper ballot in a secrecy sleeve.  Using a felt tip marker provided at the voting booth, the voter records their vote by filling in the oval next to their choices. Once the voter has cast their ballot, the ICE unit will either accept the cast vote with a “ding” sound from the machine, or will reject the ballot while displaying a large error message on the screen with appropriate action that needs to be taken.

ICE allows all voters to vote their ballot privately and independently.  By using an external monitor and ADA Keypad, persons who are blind or visually impaired are allowed to vote without the assistance of others while seamlessly depositing all ballots in the same ballot box.

Dates to Remember