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A potential candidate should first check with the Supervisor of Elections to verify which district/seats are up for re-election.

Residency requirements

Some offices have residency requirements:

  • County Commission candidates - must reside in the district for which they are qualifying at the time of being elected to office FS 100.041(2)(a) provides that a county commissioner is deemed elected on the date that the county canvassing board certifies the results of an election. (Effective 1/1/2008)
  • School Board candidates - must reside in the district for which they are qualifying at the time of qualifying.
  • City Council candidates - must be a registered voter who has continuously resided in the City of Brooksville for at least one(1) year immediately prior to qualifying. 

Depository/treasurer requirements

A potential candidate must use form DS-DE 9 to designate a depository (bank) and appoint a treasurer before:

  • Qualifying for office
  • Obtaining petitions
  • Accepting contributions
  • Making expenditures

FS 106.021

Party affiliation

If you plan to run for an office as a partisan candidate, please be aware of FS 99.021(2)(b) which states:

  • In addition, any person seeking to qualify for nomination as a candidate of any political party shall, at the time of subscribing to the oath or affirmation, state in writing: 
    1. The party of which the person is a member. 
    2. That the person has not been a registered member of any other political party for 365 days before the beginning of qualifying preceding the general election for which the person seeks to qualify.

Pre-Qualified candidates (click here to obtain candidate forms)

You are considered a pre-qualified candidate after you:

  • Designate a depository (bank)
  • Appoint a treasurer

Pre-qualified Candidates:

  • Can begin collecting petitions
  • Can begin accepting contributions
  • Can begin making expenditures
  • Must begin filing periodic reports

Petition Process

As an alternative to paying the qualifying fee, a pre-qualified candidate may qualify by means of the petitioning process. FS 99.095

Number of Signatures Required

The number of valid signatures required is:

  • Equal to one percent (1%) of the total number of Hernando County registered voters as of the last general election
  • 1,248 for a candidate seeking county office in 2016

Valid Signatures Due By

The required amount of valid signatures must be submitted to the Supervisor of Elections office for verification:

  • Before Noon April 4, 2016 (Federal, Judicial, State Attorney, and Public Defender)
  • Before Noon, May 23, 2016  (Statewide, Multi-County, County and District Candidates)

Notification from SOE

Prior to the first day of Official Qualifying:

  • The Supervisor of Elections will notify you, in writing with a Petition Certification Form, whether the required number of valid signatures were obtained
Your Petition Certification Form must be filed at the time of Official Qualifying.

Petition Fees

The $0.10 per signature (valid or invalid) checked fee must be paid prior to qualifying.

Undue Burden

If you find that paying the fee is a burden on your campaign, you may be exempted from paying this fee by filing with the Supervisor of Elections office at the time petitions are submitted for verification:

  • Form DS-DE 19D Affidavit of Undue Burden 

Official Qualifying

Qualifying Dates

Potential candidates may pre-qualify (pre-file) at any time, however, there are specific Official Qualifying dates.

Qualifying Dates

Noon, May 2, 2016 - Noon May 6, 2016

*Note: Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning 
Noon, April 17, 2016, pursuant to Section 99.061 and 105.031, F.S.

  • U.S. Representative
  • Judicial
  • State Attorney & Public Defender (20th Circuit only)
Noon, June 20 – Noon, June 24, 2016

*Note: Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning 
Noon, June 5, 2016, pursuant to Section 99.061, F.S.

  • Governor and Cabinet
  • State Senator
  • State Representative
  • County Offices
  • Special Districts
  • City Council 

Qualifying Fees

A candidate may qualify for office by paying a qualifying fee.

Partisan Candidates

The fee for partisan candidates is:

  • 6% of one year's salary of the office sought

Fee breakdown:

  • 3% Filing fee
  • 2% Party Assessment
  • 1% Election Assessment*

Nonpartisan Candidates

The fee for nonpartisan candidates is:

  • 4% of one year's salary of the office sought

Fee breakdown:

  • 3% Filing Fee
  • 1% Election Assessment*

 * Note: The Election Assessment goes to the Florida Elections Commission.

List of Fees for County Offices

For a list of qualifying fees for county offices, contact:

  • The Supervisor of Elections (352) 754-4125

Additional information about qualifying

For additional information on candidate qualifying, please visit the:

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