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Vote in Honor of a Vet

Hernando County Vets


  Hernando County has a great legacy of military service and is considered home to 23,000 veterans. From World War II to the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans are always eager to show their support of our military and veterans. The Supervisor of Elections Office is proud to announce a new program aimed at honoring the service of our Veterans, while also Promoting the Vote!

     Every citizen of Hernando has in some way been affected by the various wars and conflicts our nation has fought over the years. Our goal with the Vote in Honor of a Veteran Program is to encourage voter participation and to educate our younger voters about the sacrifices our veterans have made to secure their right to vote. We believe there is no greater way to honor our veterans than by casting a ballot on Election Day. By exercising our right to vote, we show veterans the respect they deserve for protecting our right to vote. 

      The program will reach out to our local veterans and ask them to participate by filling out a Vote in Honor of a Veteran biography form. The submitted biographies will be posted on our Veteran Biographies web page and will also be integrated into our school outreach program designed to honor Hernando County Veterans. Biography forms may be completed by veterans or family members of deceased veterans,  If you are willing to speak to students, please indicate on your form, however it is not necessary to speak in order to participate in the program.

     Although the program is geared towards our younger voters the Supervisor of Elections Office is encouraging all citizens of Hernando County to Vote in Honor of a Veteran. Our mission is to show our gratitude to those who have served our country by encouraging all voters to exercise their right to vote.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is home of the brave."

- Elmer Davis

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