• as of 09/17/14
  • Democrats:43,835
  • Republicans:48,374
  • Others:32,278
  • Total:124,487


We now have three new features on our website to give you a Quick View of Voter Turnout and Early Voting Status & Locations.  Quick View will allow you to see graphical representations by voting method, whether it is Vote by Mail, Early Vote, Provisional, or Election Day.  Click on this link for a "Turnout Quick View" . The Early Voting Locations & Status will let voters find early voting sites and check the wait times at each location.  Click on this link for Early Voting Locations & Status

Click on the envelopes below to check the status of your Vote by Mail ballot.

 and now......Meet "Carter" 

our Vote by Mail spokesperson.    

Watch our video so that Carter can explain to you (in his own words),how easy it is to sign up to Vote By Mail.           

Now that you have watched our video and Carter has had a chance to explain how to sign up, just go to your phone and call us at 352-754-4125 or go to http://www.hernandovotes.com/Ways-to-Vote/Vote-By-Mail.aspx  to sign up.  It's that easy!

  Shirley Anderson, 

Supervisor of Elections







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