• as of 10/06/14
  • Democrats:43,841
  • Republicans:48,422
  • Others:32,537
  • Total:124,800

Mailed Sample Ballot, Election Information, Polling Locations, & Voter Checklist

General Election 2014 Sample Ballot  

Turnout Quick View for General Election   On this page you can view the election summary by party, percentage, date, and precinct. 

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Vote by Mail continues to be a popular way to vote. Many voters are not aware that Vote by Mail ballots are NON-FORWARDABLE.  If you plan to be away for an extended period of time during an election period, it is up to you -the voter- to be pro-active with keeping your voter information up to date.  Florida Statute also requires that anyone requesting a ballot mailed to any address other than what is on their voter record, that this request must be made in writing and signed by the elector.  Help us by keeping your voter records accurate. To order a Vote by Mail ballot, please click on the mailbox above.  Make sure that you are "Election Ready"!

 and now......Meet "Carter" 

our Vote by Mail spokesperson.    

Watch our video so that Carter can explain to you (in his own words),how easy it is to sign up to Vote By Mail.           

Now that you have watched our video and Carter has had a chance to explain how to sign up, just go to your phone and call us at 352-754-4125 or go to http://www.hernandovotes.com/Ways-to-Vote/Vote-By-Mail.aspx  to sign up.  It's that easy!

Shirley Anderson, 

Supervisor of Elections      

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